Definition of palimpsestic in US English:



  • See palimpsest

    • ‘The palimpsestic jumble created by the network of pedestrian acts in the city, ultimately leaves the detective suspended at the surface, as if the city space were indeed flat.’
    • ‘American critics like Gates have used the metaphor of a ‘silent second text’ to describe the intertextual, palimpsestic dialogue between historically significant works of African American fiction.’
    • ‘Clifton's palimpsestic rewriting of Whitman in which relationships, not the individual, have primacy, is finally able to bring this family identity into American literature.’
    • ‘A second phrase looks backward to another bit of palimpsestic anachronism.’
    • ‘Her statement suggests that the wall and her pictures weave a kind of palimpsestic image-memory around her, informing her when she is not looking at them.’