Definition of paleomagnetism in US English:


(British palaeomagnetism)


  • The branch of geophysics concerned with the magnetism in rocks that was induced by the earth's magnetic field at the time of their formation.

    • ‘In an attempt to resolve this conundrum, we have carried out multidisciplinary research involving field studies, radiometric dating, geochemistry, palaeontology and palaeomagnetism.’
    • ‘There are a variety of other terranes in Asia that we do not show on our maps, partly through lack of helpful faunas and palaeomagnetism and partly because of lack of consensus amongst other workers.’
    • ‘Conglomerate tests are applied to mechanically disaggregated clasts of a formation whose palaeomagnetism is under investigation.’
    • ‘From palaeomagnetism we can determine palaeolatitude and the rotation of a terrane through time, but the palaeomagnetic data give no insight into palaeolongitude.’
    • ‘In this paper we show that palaeomagnetism may offer the opportunity to indirectly solve this problem, and date the onset of the Tyrrhenian spreading.’