Definition of paleoecologist in US English:


(British palaeoecologist)


  • See paleoecology

    • ‘Recently a paleoecologist at the University of New South Wales studied charcoal in lake sediments at Jibbon Lagoon in Royal National Park, just south of Sydney.’
    • ‘Although some marine fossils more than 500 million years old sport holes, many paleontologists have been hesitant to say these are signs of predators, says a paleoecologist.’
    • ‘He was among the world's first true evolutionary paleoecologists.’
    • ‘That's a combination unlike any on the arctic tundra today, says Charles E. Schweger, a paleoecologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.’
    • ‘He and a paleoecologist at Monash University were the lead authors of the study.’