Definition of paleoecological in US English:


(British palaeoecological)


  • See paleoecology

    • ‘Given the significance of neoplagiaulacid multituberculates in biogeographic and paleoecological reconstructions, a detailed systematic revision of the group would undoubtedly clarify many of these issues.’
    • ‘In addition, palaeoecological and historical research has demonstrated the presence of forests in arid zones of the Mediterranean area in historical times.’
    • ‘Species occurrence frequencies in paleoecological data identified ecologically persistent species and may be useful for delimiting local species pools.’
    • ‘These factors combine to make lacustrine sediments amenable to very high-resolution paleoenvironmental and paleoecological reconstruction.’
    • ‘Future exploration and quantification of the appendicular skeleton is necessary to complete the paleobiological and paleoecological picture of these giant herbivores.’