Definition of paleocurrent in US English:



  • A current which existed at some time in the geological past, as inferred from the features of sedimentary rocks.

    • ‘The latter is more consistent with the southeasterly palaeocurrents of the Castlegate Sandstone.’
    • ‘At 12 of the sites that have imbricated cobbles, clast orientations were measured to derive the palaeocurrent direction.’
    • ‘The variability of palaeocurrents, however, suggests that the fault zone was not a major topographic feature and may have been below sea-level.’
    • ‘The orientation of the Nye channels and sculpted forms and the palaeocurrent direction for the glaciofluvial deposits indicate westward ice flow.’
    • ‘Imbricated clasts indicate eastward palaeocurrents away from the metamorphic complex.’