Definition of paleobotany in US English:


(British palaeobotany)


  • The study of fossil plants.

    • ‘The study of paleobotany relies on this preserved material - fossils - as evidence of past life.’
    • ‘One of the most important aspects of paleobotany is establishing relationships between the organisms that we encounter in the fossil record.’
    • ‘The study of fossil plants, palaeobotany, it not only of interest in itself, but can be applied to solving a wide range of biological and geological problems.’
    • ‘Her passion for paleobotany was already developing by this time, and after graduating she went to the Botanical Institute in Munich, where she was the only woman among five hundred students.’
    • ‘By my senior year of high school in 1952, I was fascinated by paleobotany, from the ‘butterfly chasing’ of systematic work to work that intertwines with other geoscience endeavors.’