Definition of paleobotanical in US English:


(British palaeobotanical)


  • See paleobotany

    • ‘Recent Late Jurassic paleobotanical data suggest that the large conifers and ginkgoes that formed the bulk of the canopy were both relatively sparse and nutrient poor.’
    • ‘Although based on considerable sedimentological and paleobotanical evidence, contradictory results have been obtained.’
    • ‘Unfortunately however, the paleobotanical data cited were misdated, and one hopes that such information does not enter into the world of dogma.’
    • ‘The early Carboniferous climate has been deduced from palaeobotanical data and from palaeosols/palaeokarsts.’
    • ‘Plant life followed a different route, and the paleobotanical time-eras of Palaeophytic, Mesophytic, and Cenophytic are only approximately equivalent.’