Definition of paleoanthropologist in US English:


(British palaeoanthropologist)


  • See paleoanthropology

    • ‘Thus, this monograph is a welcome publication for those who work on the later Neogene, and for paleoanthropologists interested in the ecological context of basal hominids.’
    • ‘This genetic model of human population structure is important for paleoanthropologists because it could explain the paleontological and archaeological observations noted above.’
    • ‘I believe most of these contradictory problems are caused by paleoanthropologists insisting on calling all the australopithecines ‘hominids,’ rather than hominoids.’
    • ‘Is it possible that he doesn't understand that the very reason paleoanthropologists have so much to argue about is that the fossil record provides them with such a wealth of data?’
    • ‘This will be a must for any paleoanthropologist or paleontologist working on fossil primates.’