Definition of Paleo-Eskimo in US English:



  • A member of a prehistoric people inhabiting the Arctic from Greenland through North America to Siberia.

    • ‘Known to archaeologists as the Palaeo-Eskimos, they developed the techniques that first allowed humans to live successfully in the coldest and bleakest part of the habitable world.’
    • ‘The tools used by these Early Palaeo-Eskimos include harpoons tipped with tiny stone end blades.’
    • ‘Here they replaced the Palaeo-Eskimo with what might be termed Neo-Eskimo.’
    • ‘The park, found on the northern third of Ellesmere Island, encompasses the northern-most area ever occupied by people, namely Inuit ancestors known as the Palaeo-Eskimo.’


  • Relating to the Paleo-Eskimo people.

    • ‘Palaeoeskimo occupation history on western Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic is inferred on the basis of the abundance of dwelling features.’
    • ‘The origins of Early Palaeo-Eskimo culture were rooted in the Neolithic cultures of northeastern Siberia.’