Definition of paintwork in US English:



  • Painted surfaces in a building or on a vehicle.

    ‘the paintwork on the window frames was blistered and peeling’
    • ‘Proud owners had customised their scooters and many sported gleaming chromework, multiple wing mirrors and lavish paintwork.’
    • ‘For example, exterior paintwork has been flaking, giving a shabby appearance to the city's last traditional picture house.’
    • ‘Lawns are freshly mown, paintwork touched up, tiles buffeted by winter storms shoved back into line.’
    • ‘The world's oceans have taken their toll on the black paintwork of the mighty hull, but even the most dubious traveller can be in no doubt that this was a vessel unlike any other.’
    • ‘The harpsichords have some beautiful decorative paintwork and inlays, and the carvings on the viols are exquisite.’
    • ‘Painters and joiners have been changing the outside of the building, with new paintwork, lighting and banners.’
    • ‘Up close, though, the shiny black paintwork was revealed to be slightly uneven, with small bubbles under the surface - indicating a shoddy respray.’
    • ‘The work will involve removing the ferry from the water, renewing paintwork and combating the effects of corrosion.’
    • ‘It was slightly tatty around the edges, with grubby window frames and slapdash paintwork.’
    • ‘The weekend saw the final push: we now have not only a floor and walls, but completed paintwork, curtains, and shelving.’
    • ‘The white paintwork was peeling off in huge flakes and one of the windows had a long, diagonal crack running across it.’
    • ‘Because there was contact, and a scratch on the bus paintwork, I stopped and offered my details to the driver who behaved as if it were my fault - which it wasn't.’
    • ‘Bumpers were damaged, wing mirrors were ripped off and deep scratches were etched into paintwork.’
    • ‘Yet, for all its faded paintwork, it is nonetheless the sort of place that reeks of the old country, of back streets in the Italy of my youthful summers.’
    • ‘We don't have a car any longer simply because we were fed up with having wing mirrors snapped off, windscreen wipers broken or paintwork scratched.’
    • ‘Windscreens have been smashed and paintwork scratched, and missiles have been thrown at parked cars.’
    • ‘Some of the older paintwork you now see in Italian hotels will be the indirect result of Levi's ingenuity and care.’
    • ‘He shrank from the bravura and slashing impasto of his master Rembrandt, and imposed a glassy surface on his paintwork.’
    • ‘Swept path and washed paintwork completed the picture and only the rubble-filled skip gives a hint to the chaos behind the front door.’
    • ‘The black paintwork was decorated with gold lines and curlicues like an Edwardian dandy's carriage.’