Definition of painterly in US English:



  • 1Of or appropriate to a painter; artistic.

    ‘she has a painterly eye’
    • ‘The most significant departure from this painterly orthodoxy is his shift from canvas to blocks made of plaster or wood.’
    • ‘A good part of Foss's achievement over the years is to have developed a painterly realist style she can call her own.’
    • ‘Frankenthaler has returned to prints at many stages in her career, despite the fact that prints would seem to be the medium least sympathetic to her painterly style.’
    • ‘Interestingly, for all Rauch's fractious subject matter, his painterly touch isn't turbulent at all, but instead measured, calm and neat.’
    • ‘The painterly realists who directly succeeded the Action painters in the '60s and '70s might seem like Brewster's natural neighbors.’
    • ‘Discovered at the end of the eighteenth century, lithography allows artists to make painterly expressive marks.’
    • ‘His painterly interpretations of place and moment are bolstered by an alert formalism and a chromatic appetite that often induce him to take color harmonics to their limits.’
    • ‘Elizabeth O'Reilly is a painterly realist who conveys her perceptions of reality via personalized line, color and brushstroke.’
    • ‘As Denton and Une vie mystique illustrate, Cisse works in a theatrical painterly style, juxtaposing seemingly disparate subjects and images.’
    • ‘Cleary is not a painterly artist; indeed, she goes to great effort to conceal her method of execution.’
    • ‘This latest show, however, confirms that his art is still resolutely factual and transparent, and his commitment to a kind of painterly formalism undiminished.’
    • ‘Saito prepares even grounds in pale though not pastel - colors, upon which he proceeds to work the time-honored alchemy of painterly expression.’
    • ‘Louise Fishman's recent exhibition reinforced her reputation as a painter unafraid to both carry on and challenge the traditions of painterly abstraction.’
    • ‘Here, being true to nature enables Shemesh to record a dazzling array of painterly gestures, some of them squarely within the tradition of Abstract Expressionism.’
    • ‘The paint is always thick, and Spruell's painterly touch is rather blunt (to the point of being terse).’
    • ‘Several of the leaves morph into real green brushstrokes, one of numerous instances where photographic reproduction blends with a hands-on painterly touch.’
    • ‘To his detractors, Guston symbolized the regression of American culture, its surrender of serious painterly values to the vulgar sirens of mass culture.’
    • ‘Fresh painterly qualities enhance McFarlin's power to situate us in ‘Netherworlds.’’
    • ‘He is certainly painterly in his style, building up a web of images yet leaving the reader to their own observations.’
    • ‘Foss here presents us with a summa of the painterly realist effort in her gentle abstracting of landscape form and color that goes for the soul.’
    1. 1.1 (of a painting or its style) characterized by qualities of color, stroke, and texture rather than of line.
      • ‘In the 1930s, Heliker made landscapes in a Cezannesque painterly style.’
      • ‘Today, he is well known for his vibrant color floral prints which have a painterly quality.’
      • ‘From a few steps back the images, like Caravaggio, seem somewhat clear and tight; with your nose in the painting, the fluid painterly qualities come to the fore.’
      • ‘Trygve's compositions are concerned with painterly colours and a gradual shifting of texture.’
      • ‘His pen-and-ink medium now includes heavy doses of watercolor, making painterly qualities more emphatic.’
      • ‘It cannot be seen at face value, as merely the making of a valid work of art out of anything that is at hand, its graphic and painterly qualities notwithstanding.’
      • ‘The following year Krasner abruptly changed direction, returning to a sensuous painterly style in which human, animal, and plant forms play prominent roles.’
      • ‘It was like someone had dipped a paintbrush into the potato, wiped off the excess and then artistically brushed it over the plate in a painterly style, perhaps like early Picasso, or Van Gogh.’
      • ‘They had in common the repudiation of such painterly qualities as expressive brush strokes and personalized facture.’
      • ‘His use of the double exposure contributes to this painterly feel by rendering an outline of second colour, giving his photographs their depth and lustre.’
      • ‘The expanse of its textured surface is unashamedly painterly, but the bold and sweeping brushstrokes to the left and right of the canvas are tempered by intricate central sections.’
      • ‘There is an earthy, almost painterly, quality to Wright's mark-making.’
      • ‘I believe he used ‘dots’ to create the image rather than traditional painterly styles.’
      • ‘In seeking to stay current, he ignored his greatest strengths - the expressivity of his drawn line and painterly touch.’
      • ‘There is a painterly quality to the finish of the fruit, the sensuous surfaces sprayed and brushed in gradual layers from light to dark.’
      • ‘By means of these assured yet quivering lines, she transposes the painterly flourishes of the original paintings into crisp, staccato markings.’
      • ‘There is a spontaneity, a wonderful painterly quality that bridges several techniques and makes them unlike other mediums.’
      • ‘Aware of the abstractions of Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still, Guston moved alongside them, exploring colour, space and painterly touch alone.’
      • ‘The images have a soft-focus painterly quality, bringing to mind the paintings of both Gerhard Richter and Chuck Close.’
      • ‘Individual values were then augmented by the Zone System without risk of retracing the Pictorialist's penchant for broad painterly strokes.’