Definition of paint roller in US English:

paint roller


  • A roller covered in wool, sponge, synthetic fiber, or other absorbent material for applying paint to a surface, especially in interior decorating.

    • ‘Ehrenberg primes his canvases with a paint roller in order to obtain a uniform tooth.’
    • ‘To apply semi-transparent stain use a paint roller with roller sleeve.’
    • ‘To Elizabeth's considerable surprise, when Gran came to answer the doorbell, she was dressed in overalls and was holding a paint roller in one plastic-gloved hand.’
    • ‘According to Pierce, the old method of using a bull float has given way to using textured paint rollers, which do a much better job of embedding the stencil.’
    • ‘When spreading the adhesive for the counter top, it is most easily done with a paint tray and a mohair-covered paint roller.’
    • ‘A full minute passed before Britney plopped her paint roller back in the tray and stood up.’
    • ‘Since this is a peel and stick tile and not a dry back, use a paint roller to apply the adhesive.’
    • ‘Next, apply the sealer according to manufacturer's instructions with a brush, broom or paint roller.’
    • ‘Yesterday I got the paint roller out and painted as high as a 62 inch person can.’
    • ‘Blair recovered before falling over, and let the paint roller go along with Jim, causing it to land square in his face as he hit the floor.’
    • ‘On the four corners of the bin are paint rollers, which hold ‘one of the safest acaricides we could find for our experimental trials,’ according to one of its inventors.’
    • ‘Children aged between seven and 15 took part in print making using paint rollers and potato cut outs.’
    • ‘Cut out some circles of plywood or similar material and fix this to the ends of the paint roller to form rotating wheels on which the roller can run.’
    • ‘Beginning in one corner of the room, apply a 9 inch to 12 inch stripe of glaze with the paint roller or brush by starting at the ceiling and working down to the floor.’
    • ‘I strolled up and down with the extra-long paint roller.’
    • ‘A throwaway paint roller with a thick nap or an old broom will allow you to work the sealer into the nooks, cracks and crannies in your driveway.’
    • ‘I looked at my drums a few days ago - and seriously - it looks like I took a paint roller to it.’
    • ‘The precision of his hard-edge compositions, we discover, derives from their origins as digital drawings that have been projected onto canvas and transferred using tape and paint rollers.’
    • ‘Use smooth, micropore paint rollers for excellent results.’
    • ‘Nearby was a paint roller made of silver, mahogany and wool.’


paint roller

/pānt ˈrōlər/