Definition of paint job in US English:

paint job


  • 1The decorative or finishing application of paint to an object.

    • ‘A bright-red paint job was in order before mounting it to the wall with two-by-four supports.’
    • ‘The carpet was an ugly shade of dark orange and looked as if it hadn't been cleaned since the 70's, and the walls - once white, but now yellowed with age - were in need of a new paint job.’
    • ‘When looking for a painting service it is recommendable that you contact a Washington paint contractor that will ‘prep’ your home carefully before applying a paint job.’
    • ‘If you fail to remove mildew - and other foreign particles such as algae, dirt or soot - from your home's surface, your subsequent paint job will prematurely fail.’
    • ‘Finnegan was about to finish the last stroke on her big toe and be finished with her paint job when a screech from inside the house startled her.’
    • ‘Between the curtains, the new paint job she recently orchestrated and a proposed outdoor play area, Robertson hopes to make the children and their parents more comfortable during treatment.’
    • ‘Angus unwrapped his paintbrush and finished the paint job.’
    • ‘The ship yard's paint job seemed normal to say the most, all the moorings and defense cannons along with anything else were all colored steel grey or may not have even been painted but left original colors.’
    • ‘Then there's the one about him going into McDade's Pub in Dublin and telling the owner that the bathroom needed a paint job.’
    • ‘He allows Kayla to help him finish the paint job on his prize possession, the car, because she has a talent for drawing.’
    • ‘St. Brigid's Hall in the town's square is currently undergoing a new paint job to smarten it up for the busy summer ahead, with the many festivities planned for it.’
    • ‘Remember yesterday how I told you the Kensington's needed a new paint job for their house?’
    • ‘Ness said the most common parts of a bike to customize are the paint job, the seat and the exhaust pipes, but everything from the hand-formed aluminum frame to the motor can be custom-made.’
    • ‘It took two days for the insurance adjuster to examine the car and authorize the repair bill, and 5 days for Saldovar's to perform the repair, including a new paint job.’
    • ‘Anyway, Graham was a good as his word and finished the paint job on the third bedroom.’
    • ‘In one case, the paint job actually damaged critical lab equipment, making it unusable.’
    • ‘That's why, when deciding whether to postpone a paint job, it's important to first understand whether the job is needed to protect a surface or just to decorate it.’
    • ‘A high-gloss white molding will not only hide any imperfections in your paint job, but also amplify the effect of a lighter colored ceiling and bring warmth to a room.’
    • ‘It was painted white and had a few tiny cracks in it, the purity of the white ceiling indicated that it had been painted over recently, although the cracks still showed a few yellow and black areas from the last paint job.’
    • ‘The container finally is sealed with resin and can be topped off with a paint job or gold leaf.’
    1. 1.1derogatory A cosmetic treatment that does not address underlying problems.
      ‘this administration will settle for a paint job to try to hide the fact that it lives in a La-La Land of its own construction’
      • ‘With the right paint job, specific lighting, professional photography etc... just about anyone can look "Hollywood" (it's just an illusion).’
      • ‘A few of the women from the video came on the show without wearing makeup in order to be "made over", and Rachael tried to reassure them by telling them that they all looked lovely without their usual paint jobs.’