Definition of paint gun in English:

paint gun


  • 1An air gun firing capsules of paint, used in the game of paintball.

    • ‘When you were in the gauntlet, you actually used paint guns instead of real bullets or blanks because it was easier to calculate the hits on you and the hits you placed.’
    • ‘I didn't wait for someone else on their team to respond, I cut in ‘I'm under heavy fire (pulling the trigger on my unloaded paint gun so they could hear convincing pops of compressed air) I'm by the big log.’’
    • ‘It was only with a paint gun but it really hurt and now I have a huge welt on my cheek.’
    1. 1.1 A gun-shaped tool for applying paint.
      • ‘Spray-paint guns typically work best when held perpendicular to the surface being sprayed, at a distance of 6-10 inches; check the recommendations for your gun.’
      • ‘The children, not named by North Yorkshire Police, are thought to have got hold of a chemical solvent used to clean paint guns.’