Definition of paint chip in US English:

paint chip


North American
  • A card showing a color or a range of related colors available in a type of paint.

    • ‘He had picked up a packet of paint chips on his way home, from a neighborhood hardware store.’
    • ‘There was, however, one paint chip sample that could not be identified as coming from the control chip of the Mustang.’
    • ‘Carry everything from fabric swatches to paint chips in this sturdy box with handy pocket folders.’
    • ‘Who gets paid to sit in a room and look at a paint chip and decide that 174 of the Benjamin Moore card is going to be sunflower fields, or 315 is going to be oxford gold?’
    • ‘I was filling my new spare time with some overdue house renovation: Rooms were stripped bare and littered with paint chips and fabric swatches, furniture stacked on end in my living room.’
    • ‘Catalogues sometimes contained samples of the merchandise, such as paint chips, embroidery floss, and even, in one example in our collection, ostrich feathers!’
    • ‘If you are starting with a color, your samples might include fabric, paint chips, wallpaper, carpet, wood, stone, and tile.’
    • ‘Instead of making him search through the hundreds of paint cards at the home center, show him three or four different blue paint chips - then let him pick.’
    • ‘Kennedy has divided each image into a grid, and provided paint chips to illustrate the colour of each square.’
    • ‘I've been collecting paint chips for months now and have to admit that choosing this many wall colors is a bit daunting.’
    • ‘Then, bring home several paint chips of the more muted, natural shades of green, and try them out.’
    • ‘So cuddle up by the fire with some paint chips and fabric swatches, and let your imagination be your guide into the warm world of brick red.’
    • ‘They fantasise about blowing into town with swatches and paint chips and, through the whirlwind expenditure of maternal effort, transforming our sad surroundings into cheerful fiancée beacons.’
    • ‘A computer analysis is done that determines the final color of the paint, factors in the base colors used to produce it and then determines the original formula needed to reproduce the paint chip.’
    • ‘You can even pop into Lowe's and grab a good selection of paint chips.’
    • ‘After all, a two inch paint chip looks very different from a 3,000 square foot house!’
    • ‘Send them paint chips or fabric swatches from curtains or a bedspread.’


paint chip