Definition of painstakingly in US English:



  • With great care and thoroughness.

    ‘the property has been painstakingly restored by its current owners’
    • ‘Only inches high, they are painstakingly crafted out of foreign newspapers available in London.’
    • ‘In his hands, pollen—painstakingly, ritualistically gathered bit by bit over months—becomes luminous art.’
    • ‘Each unit has little wrinkles at its lip from the paper painstakingly pasted over the cardboard structure.’
    • ‘In the traditional darkroom, a photographer would painstakingly figure out a 'recipe' for making each print.’
    • ‘They painstakingly isolated more than 6,000 virgin females from which they collected pheromone chemicals.’
    • ‘The Chilean artist, who works in Mexico City, offered small framed stitched objects that painstakingly replicate fragments of his own clothing.’
    • ‘In the morning, legions of women street-sweepers painstakingly clean every corner of the city.’
    • ‘He filled these interiors with diminutive tools of the given trade, all painstakingly crafted by his own hands.’
    • ‘The lawyer provides a painstakingly thorough account of affair.’
    • ‘The painstakingly crafted detail has always been the essence of a Grimshaw building.’