Definition of pain threshold in US English:

pain threshold


  • 1The point beyond which a stimulus causes pain.

    • ‘These endorphins act as a powerful analgesic, helping to elevate the pain threshold and aid in relieving aches.’
    • ‘Cold increases the pain threshold, the viscosity, and the plastic deformation of tissues but decreases motor performance.’
    • ‘Elevating the pain threshold is extremely important in training a sprinter.’
    • ‘The pressure pain threshold was higher after dronabinol treatment than after placebo treatment.’
    1. 1.1 The upper limit of tolerance to pain.
      • ‘Mr. Peacock described Mr. Winter as being very intolerant when it comes to pain and as having a low pain threshold.’
      • ‘This situation leads to lower pain thresholds and shorter tolerance times.’
      • ‘In the current study, active attentional distraction had a significant effect on pain threshold and tolerance among men but not among women.’
      • ‘I haven't seen or heard anyone - not here, but ever in my life - say they have a low pain threshold or low tolerance.’
      • ‘Some people with a high pain threshold won't be doubled over.’