Definition of pain-free in US English:



  • Not feeling or causing pain.

    ‘getting into good work habits now can ensure a lifetime of pain-free typing’
    • ‘Often the treatment goal may be a return to pain-free or even less painful daily activity instead of sports.’
    • ‘In the periodic passage of gallstones, the intervals of remission are usually completely pain-free.’
    • ‘With a workout that focuses on the back, you can help back pain sufferers return to a pain-free life.’
    • ‘Five patients were restored to a pain-free state.’
    • ‘The first night she tried this remedy she was pain-free for the first time in years.’
    • ‘They might also be called upon to help very old, sick animals die in a relatively pain-free manner.’
    • ‘He made a full recovery and was able to return to pain-free bowling after 8 weeks.’
    • ‘The good news is that hip replacement should leave you pain-free.’
    • ‘Working together, you and your medical team can make your postoperative recuperation as pain-free as possible.’
    • ‘Laser acupuncture offers distinct advantages over the traditional method because the procedure is pain-free and non-traumatic.’
    • ‘For music teachers, this means teaching ergonomically correct, pain-free movement techniques from the very beginning of study.’
    • ‘Move each joint through its full pain-free range of motion at least once a day.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the liver biopsy is neither pain-free, nor without potential for complications.’
    • ‘I am angry that my podiatrist chose to operate on my toenails rather than steer me to a natural, less costly pain-free method.’
    • ‘He was pain-free at the time of the interview.’
    under anaesthetic
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