Definition of page number in US English:

page number


  • A number assigned to a page in a book, periodical, etc.

    ‘the contents list should give page numbers’
    • ‘The process is a rather long one so I might just refer to the page numbers.’
    • ‘On the inside of the front cover, the beginning page numbers for each of the 24 species accounts are listed.’
    • ‘This page number is out of sequence; the correct page number is 36.’
    • ‘The citations in the footnotes were often were off by a page number or a volume.’
    • ‘The page numbers indicated refer to the original manuscript.’
    • ‘The students choose a random page number and research the species on that page.’
    • ‘In the 1612 edition the illustration appears, without a page number, after page 1206.’
    • ‘If you copy something verbatim, be sure to put it in quotes and identify the page number and source.’
    • ‘There are no page numbers on the script, so don't let it drop before you staple it.’
    • ‘The page numbers are barely readable.’