Definition of padrino in US English:



  • 1A godfather or patron.

    • ‘The great man was known as the patronus, or padrino in Italian, conventionally translated as ‘godfather’.’
    • ‘Sometimes padrinos, or godparents, of the celebrant from the same locale but of higher social standing participate in the event.’
    • ‘Each person must go to her respective padrinos in search of directions.’
    • ‘For example, consistent with the cultural value of familismo, Hispanics often rely on padrinos and members of the extended family for emotional and financial support.’
    • ‘Godparents, or padrinos, may also play an important role, helping with tuition or assisting the family in other ways.’
    1. 1.1 A best man at a wedding.
      • ‘I have been asked to be Padrino (best man) at a young man's wedding that I have been helping.’
      • ‘So a couple months ago, Mercy and I were asked by our friends Davíd and Dariza, to be the padrino and madrina in their wedding.’