Definition of packing in English:



  • 1The action or process of packing something.

    ‘the handling, packing, and shipping of products’
    • ‘She finished her hasty packing and zipped up the bag.’
    • ‘A bundle of straw for packing lies on the cobbles.’
    • ‘She was in the process of packing but she had left a box of clothes that she had planned to give away open in the middle of the room.’
    • ‘Processes used included rebuilding the pots with modern, sympathetic materials and providing specialist packing for each vessel.’
    • ‘I had only just finished the enervating task of packing.’
    • ‘Then he realized that Stacy was still in Colorado, packing, and he was only there a week, then he'd go back home and finish the packing.’
    • ‘The packing continues, as I once again go through the process of winnowing out the dross that I have collected over the past dozen or so years.’
    • ‘The lead had severely decomposed during its one hundred year history, and its fragility was exacerbated by poor packing for shipment.’
    • ‘People were of course prepared to some degree, those whose homes flooded annually were well into the process of packing and moving.’
    • ‘I still remember the day the tape was made, but before I could dwell on it, I tossed it out the window and finished the rest of my packing in a state of fuming.’
    • ‘Thousands of girls and women are employed gainfully in the weaving, finishing and packing of the products.’
    • ‘Donella had finished her packing, but couldn't locate where Tony had put her last suitcase.’
    • ‘I was unable to take off from work much so he handled most of the packing; upon our arrival at our new home we discovered most of our plates were broken.’
    • ‘Jada finished the packing and the suitcases were neatly placed side by side in her bedroom.’
    • ‘I finished up some last minute packing and then carried my bags down to the door.’
    • ‘So, after I peered into the vent for awhile with the flashlight, and after finding nothing, I went back to my packing and puttering around the house.’
    • ‘Thank goodness I finished all my packing yesterday, she thought as she began to get everything ready for the day ahead.’
    • ‘In addition to a better mix of cartons in the kits, we have supplementary packs of portarobes to be delivered with the standard or mini kits, to assist in the packing of your clothes.’
    • ‘The next morning Britt woke me up and told me she had already finished my packing since I had everything already laid out for it.’
    • ‘I had to pick up Michael from his caretaker, finish my necessary last-minute packing, and get on the road.’
    • ‘My plan was to leave in secret, but just as I was finishing the packing, Father John stepped into the attic, saw what I was doing, and stopped me.’
    1. 1.1 Material used to protect fragile goods in transit.
      ‘polystyrene packing’
      • ‘Our dining room is filled with huge plastic bags filled with the packing papers, so it seems like things are much more cramped and unorganized than they really are.’
      • ‘At least I cleaned up the cardboard boxes and the packing material, and I worked up a sweat.’
      • ‘The thing is, I should be forced to live in a big giant ball of those plastic packing bubbles that are so fun to pop.’
      • ‘The shredded paper was the packing from a Lush parcel.’
      • ‘The company specialised in the manufacture of corrugated and protective packing.’
      • ‘The Cube is wrapped in plastic, surrounded by a good amount of packing foam to protect it during shipping.’
      • ‘In front of the incinerator is a huge pile of garbage, including packing bags, plastic bottles and foam boards.’
      • ‘With early farmers came seeds, some imported intentionally but others carried over unwittingly in animal fodder and packing.’
      • ‘But I then decided that this shredded paper would make ideal packing material for fragile items and was on the verge of putting the bags of shreds back into the bedroom or possibly in the attic.’
      • ‘Maybe if I go and tell him that, maybe he could charge more for the packing and pay us.’
      • ‘Grass pulp, he says, can be used for everything from packing material to animal feed.’
      • ‘I must find a source of fibre or some inert packing.’
      • ‘The pottery jars required considerable packing (heather, straw, etc.) to cushion them against breakages.’
      • ‘The removals company dropped off the boxes, packing tape and paper last night - 50 boxes, all told.’
      • ‘Without lingering on the box too much, it was nice to see that all the packing inside is folded cardboard.’
      • ‘They had an ineffable smell that escaped even the plastic packing.’
      • ‘Instead I've gone for some ripped up pieces of chucky cardboard packing material and some of those air-filled plastic pockets that get used as packing material too.’
      • ‘Flatten all packing paper thoroughly when unpacking - small items can easily be overlooked and thrown out with the rubbish’
      • ‘He proceeded to carefully prepare a packing tube to protect the poster for transport.’
      • ‘The packing the phone was protected by, splayed out across the floor’
    2. 1.2 Material used to seal a joint or assist in lubricating an axle.
      • ‘Packing for lubricating purposes comprising a mixture of wool and horsehair spun together is made into pad form by banding a length of the yarn in zig-zag form and then bending the sheet so formed into zigzag form until a pad of the required dimensions is obtained.’
      • ‘This packing is self lubricating, mechanically strong and widely used in chemicals, petrochemicals, power plants, paper, pulp and food industries.’