Definition of packet sniffer in US English:

packet sniffer


  • A sniffer program which targets packets of data transmitted over the Internet.

    • ‘Gibson discovered the problem by using a packet sniffer, which indicated that not only was a unique user ID being generated, but that download records were being sent back to the company.’
    • ‘Because the data is encrypted a simple packet sniffer can't be used to see what this data contains.’
    • ‘Follow those basic rules, and anybody using a packet sniffer won't be able to find passwords when he examines your network - sage advice for both wireless networks and wired LANs.’
    • ‘Route control is descended from network management tools, like packet sniffers, that diagnose problems in network traffic; it's more advanced in that it moves past monitoring and recommending to automatically changing routes.’
    • ‘Despite the billions spent annually on antivirus software, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and packet sniffers, attacks will keep occurring, and people will continue to find methods to exploit the security holes.’