Definition of package store in English:

package store


  • A store that sells alcoholic beverages in sealed containers for consumption elsewhere; a liquor store.

    • ‘His new Riverside Lounge opened, with a small package store in front and a bar in the rear, where jazz bands would play on the weekends.’
    • ‘The NAS report does in fact mention one study of the effect of alcohol delivery on underage access to alcohol - a study of keg and alcohol delivery by traditional package stores.’
    • ‘They've got an alcohol request list that would stock a small package store.’
    • ‘At base package stores or shoppettes, those E - 3 and below can buy only six 12-ounce beers or wine coolers per day.’
    • ‘‘We may shift some of our marketing from restaurants to package stores, but our goal is to get people to try it and build our brand that way,’ he said.’


package store