Definition of ozone-depleting in US English:



  • Causing a reduction in the concentration of ozone in the ozone layer.

    ‘a toxic ozone-depleting chemical’
    • ‘Limestone production consumes vast amounts of ozone-depleting fossil fuels, but it is a major component in concrete.’
    • ‘The correlation between the hole and its evolution and ozone-depleting emissions is striking.’
    • ‘Certain ozone-depleting substances destroy the ozone layer and act as greenhouse gases.’
    • ‘The versatile chemical fumigant has recently been classified as an ozone-depleting compound.’
    • ‘International agreement has cut the production of ozone-depleting chemicals called CFCs.’
    • ‘Certain ozone-depleting chemicals will be banned, expanding markets for their substitutes.’
    • ‘Reducing ozone-depleting gases is crucial to preventing further destruction of the ozone layer, but eliminating these gases alone will not prevent climate change.’
    • ‘Added to the cost of long-distance hauling of agricultural products is the problem of ozone-depleting pollution and global warming.’
    • ‘If you buy a machine to replace a 20-year-old refrigerator, it can lower the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment by about one ton per year, and it doesn't use ozone-depleting CFCs.’
    • ‘The concentration of ozone-depleting gases in our atmosphere is decreasing.’