Definition of oyster bed in English:

oyster bed


  • A part of the sea bottom where oysters breed or are bred.

    • ‘The island has an untouched oyster bed while the general area has mussel and cockle beds.’
    • ‘Oyster growers complained to the commission that their oyster beds were being polluted.’
    • ‘In the mid-19th century, the Meredith family (originally of Welsh origin) owned most of the land on Coney, and had quite a thriving oyster bed in operation.’
    • ‘My vacations consisted of road-trips down the coast to fishing villages and oyster beds.’
    • ‘Preparing the co-op's oyster beds has meant tediously dredging the harbor bottom to clean off sediment.’
    • ‘His astute observational powers and intuition enabled him to recognize that the diamonds were stratigraphically concentrated in an ancient oyster bed located in ancient wave-cut terraces.’
    • ‘The estuary served by the project provides nesting areas for migratory waterfowl and hosts economically important oyster beds, shrimp and fish nurseries, and habitats for fur-bearing animals.’
    • ‘Today, oyster beds are one percent of their historic high and more than 40 percent of the waters are dead zones - too starved of oxygen to sustain aquatic life.’
    • ‘Pearling in the oyster beds just offshore began back in 300 BC.’
    • ‘The plane then cartwheeled and pirouetted before smashing into an oyster bed on its back.’
    • ‘This three-foot-wide creature, which lives solely on hard-shelled mollusks, is a scourge of oystermen; a school of 3,000 rays can pick an oyster bed clean in an afternoon.’
    • ‘The discovery of vast oyster beds in the New World generated a ‘pearl rush’ whose bounty flooded European markets.’
    • ‘When a big storm comes in, it churns up the oyster beds.’
    • ‘A quake in Alaska in 1964 pushed islands higher and sank oyster beds 12m under the surface.’
    • ‘A hundred years ago, the region's oyster beds were so large that ships plying the East Coast of the United States from Georgia to Maryland had to navigate around them.’
    • ‘Fifty miles north of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, you'll find watermen, school kids and volunteers from the community sowing oyster beds.’
    • ‘Others have been trying to restore the oyster beds that once kept nutrient-caused algae blooms in check.’
    • ‘Hurricane Katrina has left many Gulf Coast fisheries and oyster beds in ruins, leaving the region's fishermen, oystermen, and shrimpers to face a lengthy recovery.’
    • ‘However, industrialisation and its polluting effects on rivers, together with over-exploitation of oyster beds, meant that stocks soon began to dwindle.’
    • ‘All of the sea shells there were really oysters, and they were sleeping in an oyster bed.’


oyster bed

/ˈoistər ˌbed/