Definition of oxygenator in US English:



  • 1An apparatus for oxygenating the blood.

    • ‘Her body was rewarmed by means of an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator.’
    • ‘Patients consequently developed fatal immune reactions from pyrogens that had not been removed properly from the oxygenators.’
    • ‘The blood remaining in the oxygenator and the tubing set was drained into blood collection bags and was retransfused gradually in the operating room.’
    • ‘We coated our tissue heart valves and oxygenators used in heart surgery with coatings we obtained from the outside.’
    • ‘These solutions included, in addition to the artificial kidney, Europe's first blood bank, oxygenators and an artificial heart.’
    1. 1.1 An aquatic plant that enriches the surrounding water with oxygen, especially in a pond or aquarium.
      • ‘A few plants, called oxygenators, grow completely submerged.’
      • ‘To achieve this balance, you'll need to include oxygenators (plants whose root systems actually add oxygen to the water) and floating plants, which keep the growth of algae in check by shading the surface.’
      • ‘Green algae do not cause off-flavors, and they play a significant role as a base for aquatic food chains and as oxygenators for pond water.’