Definition of oxyanion in US English:



  • An anion containing one or more oxygen atoms bonded to another element (as in the sulfate and carbonate ions).

    • ‘What is more, the indicator has two proton-binding sites: the oxyanion of the xanthene ring and the carboxylate of the benzene as independent sites, which can also exchange protons among themselves.’
    • ‘They ‘propose that water ligands bound to Mg2 + interact with the developing oxyanion intermediate, thereby stabilizing the transition state.’’
    • ‘Under conditions of high pH, anions and oxyanions (such as those of Te, Se, Mo, U, As, P and B) are more mobile and most cations (such as those of Cu, Pb, Hg and Cd) are less mobile, while at low pH the reverse is generally true.’
    • ‘To take into account the effect of a second water between Asp 83 and Asp 85, we protonated Asp 83, which is therefore able to provide a proton for the stabilization of the oxyanion produced during hydrolysis.’