Definition of oxy in US English:



  • 1

    ‘he took oxy after knee surgery’
    short for oxycodone
    • ‘When she started feeling ill without the oxy a few weeks later, she found an alternative - heroin.’
    • ‘And he was majorly hooked on oxy, too.’
    • ‘The growing national plague of oxy addictions, overdoses, and deaths was caused by the illegal activity of some doctors, pharmacists, and patients.’
    • ‘It was my understanding that grinding your teeth was a side effect of meth, not oxy.’
    • ‘I'm on meth and oxy, which completely cancel one another out!’
    1. 1.1 A tablet of oxycodone.
      ‘they stole some oxys from a pharmacy’
      • ‘I remember sitting in someone else's home, a gram of coke lined up before me, two MDMA pills imbibed, an oxy, and several bottles of champagne in the fridge.’
      • ‘I'm curious to know if he was on oxys while driving.’
      • ‘I told her take me to the pharmacy, I need Percocets and oxies to distribute to the drugged out mommas.’
      • ‘I'm not cocky, but when i pop oxys, i get a bit obnoxious.’