Definition of oxbow in English:



  • 1A U-shaped bend in the course of a river.

    • ‘Arctic Village is an assembly of 40-odd spruce-log cabins that overlook the serpentine bends, oxbows, and channels of the East Fork.’
    • ‘But they work fine for most situations, and most species, in East Texas' sluggish rivers, bayous, oxbows and sloughs, too.’
    • ‘Middle distance, behind the bar, a boy with blond hair and blue pail follows a surge channel, an oxbow bending, down the beach and out to open water.’
    • ‘The history of Beatton River in British Columbia indicates that it should shed an oxbow in 2219, and researchers should be able to verify the timescale by etching rivers in sand in the lab, Edwards says.’
    • ‘Although vast numbers of the best big trees went to the sawmill early in the century, many survived, protected by a network of swamps and wild river oxbows.’
    1. 1.1
      short for oxbow lake
      • ‘Horseshoe Lake was an oxbow of the Mississippi River.’
      • ‘The minnow's range likely ebbed as insulated oxbows and shallow pools gradually disappeared.’
  • 2A U-shaped collar of an ox yoke.

    • ‘It is held on the animals' necks by an oxbow, usually U-shaped, that also transmits force from the animals' shoulders.’
    • ‘A yoke is a heavy wooden frame or oxbow used to harness a team of oxen.’