Definition of oxazolidinone in US English:



  • Any of a class of synthetic antibiotics that inhibit protein synthesis, used against Gram-positive bacteria.

    • ‘The oxazolidinones are a new family of totally synthetic antimicrobials for which there are no pre-existing resistance genes in bacteria.’
    • ‘The most recent new class of antibiotics that I can think of are the oxazolidinones, but resistance to the first one is already showing up.’
    • ‘It is the first drug of a new class of antibiotics, the oxazolidinones.’
    • ‘A new class of drugs, oxazolidinones, is available in oral formulations that may have effectiveness comparable with vancomycin.’
    • ‘Linezolid is a synthetic antibiotic belonging to a new class of antimicrobials called the oxazolidinones.’