Definition of oxazole in US English:



  • A volatile liquid with weakly basic properties, whose molecule contains a five-membered ring that serves as the basis of a number of medicinal drugs.

    A heterocyclic compound; chemical formula: C₃H₃NO

    • ‘Homodimeric bis-intercalating fluorophores such as the thiazole orange dimer and the oxazole yellow dimer have been widely used for the study and identification of DNA.’
    • ‘The fluorescence of thiazole orange, unlike that of oxazole orange and TOTO, in the presence of single-stranded samples of DNA is only minor, as compared with that in the presence of double-stranded samples.’
    • ‘The DNA dye YOYO (a homodimeric derivative of oxazole yellow) was purchased from Molecular Probes.’
    • ‘DNA-intercalating fluorophores such as the homodimeric dye TOTO, a thiazole orange dimer, and YOYO, an oxazole yellow dimer, are widely used for the study and identification of DNA.’
    • ‘Excitation was at 480 nm and emission detection at 510 nm for oxazole yellow and 510 and 535 run, respectively, for thiazole orange samples.’


Late 19th century: from ox- ‘oxygen’ + azo- + -ole.