Definition of owner-manager in US English:



  • A person who both owns a business and manages it.

    ‘being an owner-manager was often a lonely experience’
    • ‘Owner managers of small and medium sized companies often find they are too busy focusing on running the business to afford the time to think about and plan for the future.’
    • ‘Today's economic conditions are pretty tough for owner managers.’
    • ‘Because of a lack of resources, the owner-manager has to make do and be innovative while juggling all the tasks at once.’
    • ‘Being an owner-manager was often a lonely experience.’
    • ‘We're passionate about helping ambitious owner managers.’
    • ‘We cannot stress enough how important it is for owner managers to foster an environment where trust is combined with vigilance.’
    • ‘It will be down to the owner-manager of the business to get to grips with any changes.’
    • ‘A key issue is the burden that complying with a mass of different regulations places on the owner managers of very small businesses.’
    • ‘If this has been a banner season for the independent theatre, some measure of credit belongs to the owner-manager.’
    • ‘The latest version of the server has been developed so that small business owner managers can maintain the regular data backups even more easily.’