Definition of own up in English:

own up

phrasal verb

  • Admit or confess to having done something wrong or embarrassing.

    ‘he owns up to few mistakes’
    • ‘If she owns up to her mistreatment, seems genuinely sorry and makes amends, you should have no problem setting the friendship back on track.’
    • ‘I was slightly disappointed at owning up, sometimes lying promises more fun.’
    • ‘We men have almost as much trouble owning up to our emotions as we do admitting to fear.’
    • ‘No one owns up to the fact of doing something wrong.’
    • ‘No government owns up to state-facilitated assassinations’
    • ‘Virtually everything these people said was wrong, but none of them has owned up to it.’
    • ‘Men who learn of their affliction are sometimes embarrassed to own up to it.’
    • ‘Both, understandably, want to talk about where they go from here, but they have to own up to what went wrong.’
    • ‘He figured out what was wrong and owned up to his mistake.’
    • ‘That was to his credit, as many people did the opposite and people should be encouraged to own up for their wrong doings.’
    admit to, admit guilt, plead guilty, accept blame, accept responsibility, make a clean breast of it, tell all
    spill the beans, get something off one's chest
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