Definition of owe someone one in US English:

owe someone one


  • Feel indebted to someone for a favor done.

    ‘thanks, I owe you one for this’
    • ‘I treated Numair well at first only because he saved my life and I owed him one; he earned my respect.’
    • ‘‘We owe them one,’ said the 19-year-old striker.’
    • ‘Maybe he thought he owed us one from the previous year.’
    • ‘‘He owes me one,’ said the Scot, who had to pick up Beckford at dawn at the airport after the Jamaican had missed his flight the night before.’
    • ‘Thanks, I owe you one, here let me buy you a drink’
    • ‘I know I owe them one for getting me inside the lovely silver encampment.’
    • ‘Party leaders will owe her one when she decides to make her political comeback.’
    • ‘I owed him one for being at the right place at the right time.’
    • ‘I owed you one for that incident last year anyway.’
    • ‘About to argue back, Caelyn stopped herself and figured that she owed him one.’