Definition of ovulation in US English:



  • Discharge of ova or ovules from the ovary.

    ‘blood samples were assessed to determine the timing of ovulation’
    as modifier ‘a woman's ovulation cycle’
    ‘consecutive ovulations’
    • ‘Patients then completed the study according to protocol after six subsequent ovulations.’
    • ‘The combined oral contraceptive pill, which is the most widely used type of pill, prevents ovulation.’
    • ‘Women athletes who have amenorrhea and wish to become pregnant may require fertility drugs to induce ovulation.’
    • ‘Reliable methods to predict ovulation are lacking, therefore predicting the fertile window is also unreliable.’
    • ‘Using DNA technology, the scientists have found two distinct genes with a large effect on ovulation rate in sheep.’
    • ‘In the form of enzymes and hormones, proteins help regulate sleep, digestion and ovulation.’
    • ‘Melatonin may inhibit ovulation, causing some women to have difficulty getting pregnant.’
    • ‘This usually results in increased ovulations and an increase in transferable embryos.’
    • ‘Nutrition, body weight, and stress affect menstruation and ovulation.’
    • ‘Infertility among women is often due to ovulation problems, including failure to ovulate.’