Definition of ovotestis in US English:


nounPlural ovotestes

  • An organ producing both ova and spermatozoa, as in some gastropod mollusks.

    • ‘Today, ‘true hermaphroditism’ - cases in which an individual has one or more ovotestes - is considered ‘extremely rare’, but it is hard to know how many cases go undiagnosed.’
    • ‘When not gravid, eggs lining the ovotestes are readily seen through the carapace.’
    • ‘Ordinarily, these fish develop ovotestes, gonads that make both eggs and sperm.’
    • ‘Some intersexed people have XX chromosomes everywhere except the ovotestes, which have XY chromosomes, or vice versa.’
    • ‘Fish were scored as intersexes when at least one of the gonads was an ovotestis or when one ovary and one testis were observed simultaneously.’


Late 19th century: from ovum + testis.