Definition of overstuff in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Force too much into (a container)

    ‘an overstuffed briefcase’
    • ‘Can he indeed ‘buy’ more hardware for the already overstuffed trophy case, as his detractors and fellow owners grumble?’
    • ‘Standing in the shade of a mango tree, overstuffed backpacks slung over our shoulders, we were soon introduced to a string of others caked in mud.’
    • ‘I find myself staring at my father's back as he bends over and peers lengthily into the dangerously overstuffed interior of the fridge.’
    • ‘Don't overstuff the ravioli, or the filling may burst through the sides as they cook.’
    • ‘And you thought their backpacks were overstuffed.’
    • ‘So PLEASE do not overstuff these bags making them lumpy and shapeless.’
    • ‘Uttering a cross word about Lefty usually provokes the same kind of reaction as wresting a child's favorite overstuffed teddy bear from his or her arms.’
    • ‘Remember, if you're overstuffing yourself calorically, then spreading the meals out will not help much.’
    • ‘Remind yourself that you can always have more treats later, and that overstuffing yourself at one time is not necessary.’
    • ‘The black rotting cabinet doors were open and the drawers were overstuffed with magazines.’
    • ‘I resolve to take out the trash in a timely manner rather than continue piling things precariously on top of an already overstuffed trash bin.’
    • ‘You're overstuffed from dinner, yet you can't resist ordering the Double Dark Chocolate Two-Layer Cake for dessert.’
    • ‘Picking up the overstuffed duffle bag, which contained all his belongings, plus his coat, and the berries, he went through a door of an even larger room.’
    • ‘The civilized modern stage upon which status dramas are enacted is not so stripped down - we don't literally miss out on meals if our neighbors overstuff their pantry - but the mechanism remains intact and attuned to the same ultimate goals.’
    • ‘It cost $400 and weighed more than my overstuffed briefcase.’
    • ‘Some walk away with a handful of letters, others haul overstuffed orange mailbags to their workspaces where shipmates are standing by in anticipation.’
    • ‘Thompson's compact book also stands as a rebuke to the hefty, overstuffed volumes lugged around by today's college calculus students.’
    • ‘The unfortunate part of this story is that the container is too large for the meagre space that I've allotted for lip gloss in my already overstuffed purse.’
    • ‘If you overstuff yourself, you feel sluggish and you get bloated looking.’
    • ‘Businessmen with their suits and briefcases, mother's with their crying children and overstuffed luggage, it all seems so unrealistic.’
  • 2Cover (furniture) completely with padded upholstery.

    ‘an overstuffed armchair’
    • ‘Patients who smoke should do so in a room without flammables, such as rugs, curtains and overstuffed furniture.’
    • ‘Several overstuffed recliners lined the back walls, and at the front of the skybox was a bar lined with all types of food.’
    • ‘When I opened my bleary eyes once again, I found myself lying on the soft, overstuffed sofa in the centre of the small living room in which I was currently residing.’
    • ‘After walking your fill, stop for a bite at Adele's, where an antique bar and overstuffed furniture invite leisurely drinking.’
    • ‘I shrunk visibly deeper into my seat on the overstuffed couch.’
    • ‘He seated himself in his overstuffed wing backed executive chair and waited until the lights went down and the door closed behind his personal assistant.’
    • ‘Emily sat down in a big blue overstuffed easy chair and wrapped herself in a chenille throw cover as she warmed by the fire.’
    • ‘Using high-back, overstuffed furniture in northern rooms to reduce drafts and allow one to become engulfed in the chair.’
    • ‘Entering it, one finds microscopes and computers, a battered, overstuffed sofa and easy chair, and a row of cabinets with tiers of shallow drawers.’
    • ‘After the bill was paid-Ethan's eyes bugged out at the price, but refused to let me see it - we went and sat on the big, overstuffed sofa in front of the fireplace.’
    • ‘Others dozed in overstuffed armchairs among stacks of suitcases, waking intermittently to drink espresso or whiskey and smoke cigarettes.’
    • ‘She headed into the living room, pausing to leave her purse and briefcase on an overstuffed easy chair.’
    • ‘The only seat not taken was a rather overstuffed leather chair.’
    • ‘The twin overstuffed chairs were upholstered in a deep gold brocade.’
    • ‘The walls were still brick, but she had brought in an overstuffed couch and glass coffee table for furniture and placed plants and a very nice book case in the corner.’
    • ‘Out on the sidewalk patio, Mantra's inviting overstuffed wing chairs baked in the heat.’
    • ‘The cramped tenement homes with their drab, flocked wallpaper and overstuffed sofas, the black market sugar and washed-out floral aprons evoke a world so real you can almost smell the damp.’
    • ‘There is somebody sitting in one of those overstuffed chairs reading Le Monde.’
    • ‘It was like a combination of a living room and a bedroom, with a big bed but also overstuffed chairs, bookshelves, and a TV.’
    • ‘A few overstuffed chairs were laid against the walls, and several bookshelves held old, dusty volumes that Liq had probably never even opened.’