Definition of overstudy in English:



  • Excessive study.

    • ‘That's why he should simply understand what it means instead of confusing himself with overstudy.’
    • ‘Two cases of impaired intellect by overstudy were brought to public notice in this city yesterday.’


  • Study too long or too intensely.

    ‘if your child is a high achiever, but overstudies for fear of not receiving an A+,help her to gradually study a little less’
    • ‘Mechanisms that explain why students perform badly under stress include ‘hypervigilance’ (excessive alertness to a stressful situation resulting in panic - for example, overstudying for an exam).’
    • ‘If your child is a high achiever but overstudies so as not to receive less than an A+, help him or her gradually study a little less.’