Definition of overspend in US English:



[no object]
  • Spend more than the expected or allotted amount.

    ‘they overspent on the project’
    with object ‘the department can see that it is going to overspend its budget’
    • ‘Administration at Dundee has necessarily been a process of pruning, of ripping out waste and overspending and installing efficiency where previously there was none.’
    • ‘The hospital has recently lost an NHS star for overspending but its record of care remains intact.’
    • ‘There have also been forecasts that today's move will be ‘toughened up’ with grim warnings to some local authorities that they could be budget-capped in future years if they overspent.’
    • ‘The council does have fixed budgets for each department, however, a spokesperson pointed out - and if one department overspent, that money would have to come from another department or council reserves.’
    • ‘The board was over £1 million overspent at the end of the November 2003, but after a series of cuts to save money has reduced this to an estimated £320,000.’
    • ‘But last month the Council heard that with the continued level of spending, social services is likely to overspend by £2.3 million this year.’
    • ‘Departments of education, planning and transport, resources and social services are all expected to overspend.’
    • ‘Members of Airedale Primary Care Trust Board heard at its last meeting that the Trust is expected to overspend by more than £2 million this financial year.’
    • ‘The district judge's finding that the husband had unreasonably overspent in housing himself was wrong and miscalculated.’
    • ‘This is despite the fact they failed to take action to stop the Trust overspending by £8 million.’
    • ‘Although we have a winter maintenance budget, if we overspend, the money comes out of the reserves.’
    • ‘After six months, the department is on course to overspend by £1.5 million, up £200,000 from September's figure.’
    • ‘Other departments are also expected to overspend by more than £1.5m.’
    • ‘Research has shown that poor planning is the demon, with a quarter of families still happily overspending at Christmas and failing to keep to their original budgets.’
    • ‘Fostering is also expected to overspend by £1 million, while the amount spent on children in secure accommodation is £800,000 into the red.’
    • ‘He's run for local office seven times since 1981, generally on a platform of government waste, overspending, corruption, and mismanagement.’
    • ‘One way to ensure that you're not overspending on your household budget is to buy competitively priced flat-pack furniture.’
    • ‘It was hard times for a few years as many companies had overspent and then cut back on spending, he said.’
    • ‘The department has spent 99% of its budget and is expected to overspend by the end of this financial year.’
    • ‘Early projections show the department is on course to overspend by £1.3 million unless action is taken.’
    squander, waste, misuse, misspend, spend unwisely, throw away, dissipate, make poor use of
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