Definition of oversold in US English:



Stock Market
  • Sold to a price below its true value.

    ‘technology stocks remain oversold and are considered ripe for buying’
    • ‘The technical sell-off of that oversold market had started four or five months earlier, when the markets were clearly in an overbought condition.’
    • ‘According to analysts, any bit of good news in this climate elicits an exaggerated reaction in an oversold market that's coming off a slew of negative pre-announcements.’
    • ‘A large positive risk-reversal number implies an overbought situation, while a large negative risk-reversal number implies an oversold situation.’
    • ‘Well, as I said, the dollar can stage a rebound since it is oversold.’
    • ‘Chinese share prices closed 0.43 percent higher as interest in oversold auto and software companies helped lift the market to a modestly positive finish after Thursday's losses, dealers said.’
    • ‘In any extreme situation investors forget to be selective, and this is common to overbought and oversold markets.’
    • ‘Hong Kong shares rebounded marginally, snapping a three-day losing streak as bargain hunters bought into oversold bluechips.’
    • ‘If the index is greater than the oversold level specified by the oversold input, a buying opportunity may be near.’
    • ‘If we have a look at the bigger picture, the market is recovering from an oversold position.’
    • ‘While I don't like to use them for mechanical trading signals, put/call ratios do outline, quite reliably, zones of oversold and overbought market conditions.’
    • ‘When it is used as an oscillator, a positive value indicates an overbought market while a negative value indicates an oversold market.’
    • ‘In our last publicly posted research note we made the case for a sharp rally in crude oil off the $40 lows on the grounds that it was oversold relative to the price of gold and that traders were overly bearish.’
    • ‘Now may be the time to rake in some oversold blue chips.’
    • ‘Markets rarely become as oversold as they are overbought, even commodity markets.’
    • ‘I am continuing my search for undervalued or oversold quality stocks and have been watching Rio Tinto.’
    • ‘For relative strength, determining the true value of an oscillator depends on the understanding of overbought or oversold positions.’
    • ‘By contrast, the oversold condition, in which the market is ready to turn up, is represented by the stochastic falling below its lower reference line.’
    • ‘The first blue arrow indicates the end of the oversold position of the issue.’
    • ‘We're in an oversold market just catching its breath before the weekend, and after that, it's all about earnings.’
    • ‘As for the future, it would not be surprising if markets in both America and Europe were to see a technical bounce from what is showing up on many charts as oversold positions.’