Definition of overskirt in US English:



  • An outer skirt, worn over the skirt of a dress.

    ‘a white satin dress with chiffon overskirt’
    • ‘The overskirt was cut out, so I assumed it would show an underskirt underneath.’
    • ‘The dress Astrid had chosen was simple yet elegant: a royal blue empire wasted bodice, a lighter blue flower patterned skirt with an overskirt of the same royal blue.’
    • ‘An overskirt of shimmering gauze bordered at the waist and hem with pearls matched the hems of her long sleeves and modest neckline of her bodice.’
    • ‘The canvases are virtually identical in size, and besides the common subject matter and the same virginals, the two ladies - or is it one and the same lady? - even wear the identical dress, with an added overskirt for Lady Seated…’
    • ‘A veteran in armour and leather is scolded by a coiffed landlady with a tucked-up overskirt.’
    • ‘Customising your own look is also an option at Tesco, which is selling underwire and triangle bikini tops as well as deep and narrow pants and overskirts in fuchsia, purple and black.’
    • ‘From there, it dropped to the floor, the light silver chiffon overskirt parting to reveal a dark blue underskirt.’
    • ‘The female's traditional garment consists of a white embroidered blouse, an embroidered vest trimmed with sheep fleece, and a white skirt with lace on the hem, usually covered by a black embroidered overskirt.’
    • ‘It was layers and layers of light silk material in hues of green, white, teal, and caramel with a matching overskirt of green velvet.’
    • ‘The dark grey underskirt was off-kilter, needing to be straightened to hang within the open panel of the black overskirt, the chemise tucked farther into the bodice.’
    • ‘She finished with a double skirt of two colors, the overskirt being yellow, and the underskirt gray.’
    • ‘It was made of ivory silk with a cotton underskirt and a laced overskirt embroidered with delicate pink flowers.’
    • ‘Aene sighed as she stepped out of her overskirt and laid it over a chair.’
    • ‘The edge of the overskirt also had purple ribbon.’
    • ‘From our view of the individual on the right, we can surmise that both are probably wearing long, full pants, or a long, straight skirt, with an apron-length overskirt made from panels of fabric that hang from the waist.’
    • ‘A Congo source for the feathered headdress and the costume elements, including a tight-fitting, long-sleeved shirt, an apron-like overskirt, and longer pants, is quite probable.’
    • ‘I sewed Hydrangea petals along the waistline attached with a single iridescent glass Mill Hill Bead and also added a few scattered throughout the bottom overskirt in the same manner.’
    • ‘She designed her costume to look like his in every way; except, in addition to her black leather breeches and boots, she wore a black velvet overskirt that parted up the center to reveal her shapely legs.’
    • ‘She has a rainbow striped overskirt and pink wings.’
    • ‘One halter top also doubles as an overskirt for pants.’