Definition of oversexed in US English:



  • Having unusually strong sexual desires.

    • ‘We're told that the oversexed staffers were boozing it up at the bar after closing when things got physical.’
    • ‘The aristocracy are made to look like buffoons; the women swoon, the maids are oversexed, and the artist himself - the center of everyone's fawning attention - plays the dandy.’
    • ‘We're overpaid and overfed, we're oversexed (I've heard it said).’
    • ‘Despite the collegiate atmosphere, the mix of oversexed students and undersexed professors and beer that was on tap 24 / 7, the whole place seemed to reek of Valentine's Day.’
    • ‘The American mink is oversexed and, unfortunately, over here.’
    • ‘Marriage only provides one party with their objective. So avoid marriage is the advice, stick to being an oversexed couple.’
    • ‘When I first went out to readings and met people I did get a sense that they hoped this blowsy, loudmouthed, oversexed creature was going to burst forth.’
    • ‘The enemy in this movie isn't some super-human slasher with a taste for nubile prom queens and oversexed jocks; it's the minds of the victims themselves.’
    • ‘She's been a young teen rebel, a slightly scary oversexed floozy, the wife of the Argentinean President and a terrible, terrible actress.’
    • ‘You put your head out of that window, and I'm locking you in the trunk, you oversexed Alsatian.’
    • ‘The original show was your post-Kennedy New Frontier view of the future, with an oversexed cowboy at the helm.’
    • ‘The females then fly off to seek new hosts in which to insert their eggs while their brother-cum-husband expires, oversexed but flightless.’
    • ‘He is oversexed and sadistic in nature with no individuality or personal characteristics or experiences.’
    • ‘But because it was a girl, she has been dismissed as another oversexed fan that knew what she was doing.’
    • ‘It has been said that our culture is rapidly becoming oversexed or even hypersexed.’
    • ‘One trailer was blasting out some local Top 40, MTV-breed music, all ditzy oversexed singers and anonymous backup musicians.’
    • ‘You easily resolve conflicts of interest between head and loins, unlike those squirrelly Geminis or those oversexed Scorpios.’
    • ‘Because of this some people are inclined to view her as an oversexed and nymphomaniacal creature.’
    • ‘In my opinion this is just giving oversexed males a bogus set of Darwinian credentials.’
    • ‘Oversized, oversexed and over here - the American grey squirrel has largely displaced its indigenous cousin since arriving in the 19th century and now outnumbers it 66 to one.’