Definition of overrepresentation in US English:



  • See overrepresent

    • ‘She stresses that the condition's over-representation in women may be partly because women live longer than men and the disease occurs more frequently in older people.’
    • ‘In Figure 4.5 we have a very serious over-representation of people who do not watch soaps, because there are 35 people in the sample who do not watch them, which is much larger than the 25 who should be in the sample.’
    • ‘The state has said that giving tribal representatives a vote in the Legislature would result in overrepresentation of some districts.’
    • ‘So instead of underrepresentation in the Senate, they want 10-fold overrepresentation in the Senate.’
    • ‘The overrepresentation of minorities in the Army is often cited as proof of the continuing struggle for people of color in the mainstream economy.’
    • ‘We call on Congress to address the over-representation of minority youth in confinement across the nation.’
    • ‘And there are jobs that are likely to continue to have an over-representation of men and of women (kindergarten teachers).’
    • ‘We have come a long way but still have much to overcome, particularly in our overrepresentation in the criminal justice system and lack of access to adequate education.’
    • ‘Nobody bats an eye at the overrepresentation of men in prison.’
    • ‘We are looking at a 40 per cent unemployment rate in the community and an over-representation in the social system.’