Definition of overrefinement in US English:



  • See overrefine

    • ‘What I hear you saying is that your experience here has made you appreciate our cooking for it's subtlety, which is a great compliment to me, maybe the greatest, and I guess I would caution against equating that with over-refinement.’
    • ‘I am preoccupied with the idea of over-refinement, which is the theme behind a lot of horror stories — the over-refinement of a sensibility.’
    • ‘Shyness, over-refinement, physical fear and revulsion: this, he seems to understand, is the repertoire of an all-round loser, denying him the compensatory feeling of heroic virtue or a conviction that he is fighting to save his soul.’
    • ‘In the vigorous and philosophical introduction to his book, he remarked severely: ‘a certain over-refinement of the art of cookery is tending to appear among civilised people.’’
    • ‘Could they have been warnings against over-indulgence and over-refinement that might weaken Manchu culture?’