Definition of overprotective in English:



  • Having a tendency to protect someone, especially a child, excessively.

    • ‘After three years, he decides to play overprotective best friend?’
    • ‘Dave, on the other hand, has been a perfect blend of jealous and overprotective.’
    • ‘Frissa had always been overprotective of him against other women.’
    • ‘Lee has reasons to be a little neurotic, among them an alcoholic father, an overprotective mother and a shallow newlywed sister.’
    • ‘He was asked how he would deal with an overprotective parent or partner.’
    • ‘The real world is often not so nice, and being overprotective doesn't always help students.’
    • ‘I feel I can't win - I'm either being overprotective, or ignoring his wellbeing by not letting him have a proper rest.’
    • ‘What a wonderful, but totally overprotective father you are!’
    • ‘Ally's just important to me and I was being a little overprotective.’
    • ‘She was a smart girl who grew up with an overprotective father and was quickly isolated from her peers.’
    • ‘It has reignited the debate over whether authorities are being overprotective of children.’
    • ‘Funny how having daughters turns you into an old-fashioned, overprotective prude.’
    • ‘A blush covered her cheeks, causing Jacob to go into overprotective father mode.’
    • ‘She had four brothers, all were older and all were overprotective.’
    • ‘Besides, this thinking goes, families tend to be overprotective, risk averse and are to be mistrusted.’
    • ‘My parents are totally overprotective and won't let me do anything.’
    • ‘His parents were so overprotective of him, especially his father.’
    • ‘He feared he was acting the overprotective father, but there was something about William Brown-Lee that simply did not fit.’
    • ‘I think his mother was quite strict and overprotective of him.’
    • ‘The first of these heresies was the tendency to be overprotective of people, at the expense of individual liberty.’
    solicitous, caring, mindful, careful, wary, watchful, vigilant, warm, maternal, paternal, fatherly, motherly, gallant, chivalrous
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