Definition of overproduction in US English:



  • 1Production of more of a product, commodity, or substance than is wanted or needed.

    ‘there was a crisis of overproduction in traditional manufacturing’
    ‘certain foods cause overproduction of bacteria in the stomach’
    • ‘These exports result in large part from U.S. government policies that encourage overproduction.’
    • ‘Individuals with asthma frequently suffer from mucus overproduction, which is believed to contribute to airway obstruction.’
    • ‘Toward solving the problem of overproduction, Chase also recommended shorter working hours for all.’
    • ‘This rush to invest in Brazil and exploit its markets and workers has led to capitalist overproduction.’
    • ‘The company has been struggling for years in a global car manufacturing industry that is experiencing serious overproduction.’
    • ‘In fact, subsidies and technological innovation had already led to overproduction.’
    • ‘But the breeding program contributed to overproduction of research chimps.’
    • ‘His condition was the result of overproduction of growth hormone caused by a benign tumour on the pituitary gland.’
    • ‘This inflow of foreign investment and credit capital may well exceed the absorptive capacity of economies already prone to overproduction.’
    • ‘Shortly, Brazil's economy collapsed due to an overproduction of coffee.’
  • 2The recording or arrangement of a song or piece of music in such an elaborate way that the spontaneity or artistry of the original material is lost.

    ‘so many tracks suffer from overproduction’
    • ‘She's got a beautiful and powerful voice that isn't lost in overproduction but is still adult-contemporary and radio-friendly.’
    • ‘The album's best moments come in the form of opulent ballads that wallow in overproduction that actually works.’
    • ‘This burst of African political pop is included on their debut album, along with a mixed batch of songs in which their gutsy vocals are sometimes swamped by over-production.’
    • ‘Those early albums have often been criticized for overproduction, but this one sounds just right.’
    • ‘Even a cover of Cream's song, "Sunshine Of Your Love," which should have worked, is ruined by overproduction and silly effects.’
    • ‘Live, their songs have been free to breathe, far away from studio excesses and overproduction.’
    • ‘Though they do happen to be the most embellished songs here, it's not overproduction that kills them; they're just bad songs.’
    • ‘Each album since their debut has succumbed to ever-increasing layers of gloss and painstaking overproduction.’
    • ‘Few good musical ideas can survive in a sea of overproduction and inappropriate instrumentation choices that happened to be trendy at that moment.’
    • ‘The songs haven't been messed up by overproduction and remixing.’