Definition of overprint in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /ˌoʊvərˈprɪnt//ˌōvərˈprint/
  • 1Print additional matter on (a stamp or other surface already bearing print)

    ‘menus will be overprinted with company logos’
    • ‘Each page of each calendar was overprinted with the gushing words: ‘It's sunny today in South Africa'.’
    • ‘They were overprinted with the words ‘Official Operator‘.’
    • ‘Printed documents would be overprinted with an almost invisible pattern of conductive ink that uniquely encodes the x-y location on the document.’
    • ‘The sheet had been overprinted with the standard stamp of Scanlon Autos.’
    • ‘A small folded advertisement is overprinted with the names of the company's general agents for New York and New Jersey.’
  • 2Print too many copies of.

    • ‘This system worked well until the First World War when many countries overprinted money in relation to their gold reserves in order to meet the extraordinary economic demands at that time.’
    • ‘And distribution is a problem on the other end, too, with books that are overprinted.’
    • ‘Inexperience with the book trade resulted in our erring on the side of overprinting our books too heavily throughout 2002, so that our anticipated profit is in fact sitting in our warehouse in the form of books.’
  • 3Photography
    Make (a print or other positive) darker than intended.

    • ‘There is often a blue cast that overprints the entire photo, which results from blue backscattering from the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Photographs may not be cropped, manipulated, overprinted, printed in colored ink or altered in any form without permission.’


Pronunciation /ˈōvərˌprint//ˈoʊvərˌprɪnt/
  • 1Words or other matter printed on to something already bearing print.

    • ‘The printer of Indian postage stamps prepared an overprint that was to be distributed throughout all of India.’
    • ‘The winner also gets an extra 10p for each card with a red overprint.’
    • ‘Those lovely words against the gray ground and the overprint!’
    • ‘I have seen three examples of this unusual overprint, none of which is complete.’
    • ‘The maps have an overprint highlighting local footpaths.’
    1. 1.1 An overprinted postage stamp.
      • ‘Overprints have been used as commemoratives; as a lower-cost alternative to designing and issuing special stamps.’
      • ‘It is well known to Scout stamp collectors that the G.B. set of three stamps for the Jubilee Jamboree were overprinted for use in the territories of Bahrain, Muscat and Qatar. Less known is the fact that overprints were also prepared and sent to Kuwait.’
      • ‘1916-19 War Stamp overprints.’