Definition of overpopulate in English:



  • 1Populate (an area) in too large numbers.

    ‘the country was overpopulated’
    • ‘Since that time the elk have continually overpopulated their habitat, leaving the range in often deplorable condition.’
    • ‘Now the field is somewhat overpopulated and generically overstuffed.’
    • ‘Their leader is a man who's hell-bent on overpopulating the planet.’
    • ‘We feel these flats would make the area overpopulated and congested.’
    • ‘The planet Earth was already overpopulated by the early years of the 21st Century.’
    • ‘In acute leukemias, the marrow is typically overpopulated with blast cells.’
    • ‘Claiming that the island lacked resources and was overpopulated, the U.S. government encouraged migration, with the consequent formation of diasporic communities across the United States.’
    • ‘Earth is overpopulated, and in an effort to provide for everyone we are plundering our natural resources.’
    • ‘Hopefully the Leaders could find a better partner for her, or else the vampires could very well overpopulate the area.’
    • ‘It's like saying you should destroy people because they're overpopulating the planet.’
    • ‘When they perished, the buffalo, no longer routinely culled by farmers to feed the Indian cities, overpopulated their farms, and rapidly spread out across the newly-emptied Great Plains.’
    • ‘The city's streets are overpopulated with meandering figures listing first to one side, then the other, making it impossible to get past even on wide sidewalks.’
    • ‘And in place of War and Money, we have the fertile Mother, having her six kids (for herself, not some man) overpopulating the planet as fast as you can say ‘bunny’.’
    • ‘I hesitate to recommend another book about living abroad when television and newsprint are overpopulated with seekers of a place in the sun, but this account of life in an Andalusian pueblo is different.’
    • ‘I guess the cities were overpopulated or something.’
    • ‘Ravenswood was not overpopulated and was probably never going to be come a city.’
    • ‘Hyde Park, at that time of the day in general, was usually overpopulated with high-and-mighty lords and ladies prancing along its pathways for their ‘morning’ rides.’
    • ‘She does not speak in the tough vernacular of the grizzled guys who overpopulate her field.’
    • ‘Establishing the facts is essential, but an underlying assumption of the discussion must also be addressed: Namely, that the world is overpopulated and reproduction needs to be governed.’
    • ‘I remember a report from France, in the eighties, where near the launch of St. Hilaire du Touvet (today a site overpopulated by paragliders) a hang glider got hit by a sailplane passing under him.’
    packed, congested, crushed, cramped, overcrowded, full, filled to capacity, full to bursting, overfull, overflowing, teeming, swarming, thronged, populous, overpopulated, overpeopled, busy
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    1. 1.1no object (of an animal) breed too rapidly.
      ‘without natural predators, deer would overpopulate’
      • ‘But it's also enabled us to overpopulate and pollute in a way that we never could have managed when we were wandering around the African savannah.’
      • ‘And they keep prey species from overpopulating.’
      • ‘The whole idea is that nature needs a method for rapidly ridding itself of dysfunctional species that overpopulate and absorb resources too rapidly.’
      • ‘He surmised that not all of these embryos could come to maturity in the same host without killing themselves and their host by overpopulating.’
      • ‘Thus it is a commonplace to suggest that people will always overpopulate, regardless of the incentives in place.’