Definition of overparent in US English:



[no object]usually as noun overparenting
  • Be excessively involved in the day-to-day life of one's child or children, typically in the desire to shield them from difficult situations or help them succeed.

    ‘highly motivated, loving mothers often engage in a kind of zealous overparenting’
    • ‘But I do think there's a backlash against overparenting.’
    • ‘Such overparenting, they say, "endangers a crucial development phase in which students are seeking to become self-reliant."’
    • ‘It seems to me that overparenting is directly related to family size.’
    • ‘Instead, she sticks to the basic facts that overparenting (a) offers little or no benefit in terms of safety or success, and (b) siphons away much of the daily joy of being a parent and being a child.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, parenting does have effects on kids, and "overparenting" has effects, although over time the effects can be mitigated by many factors.’
    • ‘For them, overparenting can program the nervous system to create lifelong vulnerability to anxiety and depression.’
    • ‘She doesn't implausibly claim that overparenting does long-term harm to children by infantilizing them.’
    • ‘I've read dozens of books in this area, and I find it the best explanation of the problem of overparenting.’
    • ‘At this point, he may be overparenting, but damnit they'll thank him someday.’
    pamper, cosset, coddle, spoil, indulge, overindulge, pet, baby, wait on hand and foot, wrap in cotton wool, spoon-feed, kill by kindness, kill with kindness, nanny, nursemaid, feather-bed
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