Definition of overornate in US English:



  • Excessively ornate.

    ‘one of those overornate Vienna coffee houses’
    • ‘The Golden Gate bridge is structurally beautiful, but I think the red colour is just a little over-ornate.’
    • ‘Vincenzio became interested in the revival of classical Greek forms of music as an antidote to the over-ornate vocal polyphony of his time.’
    • ‘He was careful to warn his readers against creating an overornate style by overusing tropes and figures.’
    • ‘Montero entered the grand foyer, a room that was as over-ornate as the door knocker had been.’
    • ‘The house should he aesthetically pleasing but not overornate and should he well integrated with its surroundings.’
    • ‘If the arrangements of Italian madrigals seem dry and over-ornate, the dances are superb.’
    • ‘Its over-ornate and guilded arches and vaults are in contrast to the quiet grandeur of other European churches.’
    • ‘In the 18th century, the term became associated with over-ornate style and fell into disrepute when a plainer style came to be preferred.’
    • ‘Every room on the tour is over-ornate, and littered with old portraits and modern family photographs.’
    • ‘I found it was enjoyable but over-ornate nonsense full of heavy-handed symbolism.’
    over-elaborate, over-embellished, overdecorated, over-ornate, overdone, overworked, busy, cluttered, laboured, strained, florid
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